Beyond – Post Graduate

We are a group of young adults 18-29 years old joining together in order to support, challenge, and grow with each other as we navigate through a time of transition.  Our community presents an opportunity for young adults to meet people their own age, while also digging deeper into God’s Word.  Our round-table type discussion, built on biblical and topical studies, is a safe environment for all who want to come and learn.

Come join us on Tuesdays, 7-9pm in Room 205. We look forward to seeking a deeper relationship with Christ as a community.

The Story:  The name “Beyond” comes from the idea of outer space.  Outer space is bigger than anything we can imagine, and there is far more beyond what we can even see.  Yet, God is the one who created outer space.  Just as we acknowledge outer space to be a place beyond our imagination, we praise a God who is beyond our wildest dreams.  He is bigger, stronger, wiser, and more loving than anything we could even fathom.  Recognizing this person of God, we seek to center our discussion on going beyond small talk.  We want to go much deeper.  We are a group devoted to asking the tough questions about life.  We pursue discussions that are real and valuable.  We are going beyond the surface and digging in to discover more of who God is and what His purpose is for our lives.